Jersey Mike’s Dine Out


April 22, 2020 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Jersey Mike’s

595 Grand Ave, San Marcos, 92078


The Jersey Mike’s Dine Out is a big one, friends, and it’s different than all of our other dine outs.  Here’s how it works…

Jersey Mike’s gives a full 100% of your donation back to Discovery.  That’s right, 100% of the money you give them goes back to support the kiddos at Discovery Elementary.  They ask for a minimum donation of $4 per person, and for that $4 donation you get a free regular sub.  And all of that goes back to Discovery… wow!

Now, you don’t have to give only $4.  If you’re feeling generous you can give $5, or $10, or a hundred billion dollars if you have that handy.  🙂

Remember, each person you’re ordering a $4 sub for has to be present to get the offer.  And you don’t have to show any flyer, just tell them that you’re there for the Discovery Dine Out, and they’ll take care of you.  You also don’t need to be a Discovery family to participate, so be sure to tell your friends, tell your neighbors, heck… tell your grandma and grandpa too.  Tell them to head on down to Jersey Mike’s on April 22nd.

We’ll see you there!

Download the flyer